Journal articles

Ali, A., Fuenzalida, J., Gómez, M. & Williams, M. (2021). Four Lenses on People Management in the Public Sector: An Evidence Review and Synthesis. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 37(2), 335-366. An earlier version available as BSG working paper

Fuenzalida, J. Van Ryzin, G. & Olsen, A. (2021). Are managers susceptible to framing effects? An experimental study of professional judgment of performance metrics. International Public Management Journal, 24(3), 314-329.

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Fuenzalida, J., Inostroza, J. & Morales, M. (2014). Alta Dirección Pública Municipal: un primer paso para resolver los nudos críticos de la descentralización chilena. Reforma y Democracia, 59 (June 2014), 119-150 [pdf]

  • Media coverage by Pulso

Henríquez, M. & Fuenzalida, J. (2011). Compensando la desigualdad de ingresos locales: El Fondo Común Municipal en ChileRevista Iberoamericana de Estudios Municipales, II(4), 73-104.

Working papers

Fuenzalida, J., Gutiérrez, L., Fernández-Vergara, A. & González, P. (2021). Red tape and burnout risks of public service managers: Evidence from a survey experiment of school principals. Revise and resubmit.

Schuster, C., Fuenzalida, J. Meyer-Sahling, J. & Saas-Mikkelsen, K. (2021). Unethical Leadership, Moral Compensation, and Unethical Follower Behaviour: Evidence from a Survey Experiment with 19,000 Chilean Public Servants. Revise and resubmit. Working paper available upon request.

Álvarez, L. Riccetto, P., del Carpio, P., El Nouchi, E., Fuenzalida, J., Gómez, M., Hein, A., Molina, O. & Williams, M. Questioning Hierarchies: Senior Leaders’ Views on How Global Civil Services Changed During the Pandemic. Under review.

Gómez, M., Soto-Mota, P., van Roekel, H., Bowers, J., Tummers, L., Kristal, A., Arcain, P., Iocco, M. P., Fuenzalida, J., Massaro, S., Sherlock, J., Hein, A., Collis, H., Cardarelli, T., Ariely, D. Behavioral interventions to increase productivity and wellbeing of public servants working remotely: a multi-country field experiment. Working paper available upon request.

Work in progress

What drives the use of performance information by managers? A survey experiment on school principals’ attitudes

Measuring public sector occupations’ automation potential: Survey-based index development and validation with 15,000 public employees in Chile (with Ben Roseth & Francisco Suárez).

Effects of telework in the public sector: Evidence from a longitudinal mixed-methods study of public service professionals (with Tomás Soto & Camilo Vera)